We left the Golden Pavillion and to our surprise the most unique and amazing expereince of our entire trip. We boarded the right bus going the wrong way to get hom. After a few stops we felt like something was wrong, so we got off the bus and pulled out our map. As we were trying to figure out where we wwent wrong this gentleman appraoched us and asked if he could help. He knew enough English to make himself understood and offered to give us a ride in his car to the next bus stop, where we could meet the bus we wanted. We agreed and hopped in his car. As we drove to the bus stop we got to chatting. Many Japanese learned some English and are looking for an excuse to practice. We were a perfect opportunity for him. He told us that he was a 3rd generation business owner. That is family buys logs of a variety of types, and rips them down to planks and boards for fine woodworking crafts. He asked where were were from and told us he’s been to Phildelphia to by wood. We drove by his house and he pointed out a stack of thick logs piled to the roof of his carport. I asked him if he made anything from the wood himself. He said no, but one of his employees did. Would I like to see it? Casey and I looked back at each other, with no idea what we were getting ourselves into. So I told him we would be happy to see it, but we must be back in Gion by 7.

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