You can’t have a concert without swag. Here is a collection of the special items we made for the event.

Starting with the Save The Date card, this was based on the ticket to a Faith No More concert we both attended right before we first met.stdcropped-lovefestticketmaster.jpglogo-3

If we were treating the wedding like a music festival we needed to have an album. We came up with a fictitious band called the Significant Others and made our wedding invitation look like our album Domestic Bliss. The cover is us in front of Graceland. The inside is Elvis’s living room and the back is a view of New York City from the rooftop of Patrick Arrasmith’s apartment in Brooklyn. The image on the cd is the gold record on the Voyager spacecraft which is a nod to how Carl Sagan and his wife Ann Druyan met. A story that was told in our wedding ceremony. We filled the cd with some of our favorite music. Here is a link if you want to listen. IMG_7357800 For Web invite1

Who doesn’t like temporary tattoos? We had some made with the Lovefest13 logo, Significant Others logo, and Elvis Presley’s “Taking Care of Business” lightening bolt.tats

After melting faces with our wedding vows  we threw some custom guitar picks out to the crowd.

IMG_7336800 For Web

No concert is complete without a tour t-shirt. This Significant Others logo features the Voyager Spacecraft with a woofer in place of the dish.teeSignifican Others Logo_proof

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