We are happy to have you attend the wedding and consider your presence a gift in itself. However, if you are interested in helping us start our home or take a honeymoon we have set up options through this website to make it easy.

First, we have created a registry at for household items that will help us build our home. Just follow this link and the gift you choose will be sent to our door in Washington DC.

Second, we are planning a trip to Japan for our honeymoon and have a unique opportunity with childhood friend of the groom, Marc Gurreri, to show us the sites. Marc has been living in Japan for some time and has already begun planning a roster of things to do. Any monetary gift you send or give us at the wedding will go towards this trip.

Speaking of presents, on our first visit to Memphis together we ended up with a very special present. After meeting Noelle and Mike Singleton for brunch we heard some quiet mewing on our way to the car. From under a bush a scruffy looking 5 week old kitten came out and we scooped her up and brought her home. Thanks to Steve and Peggy Copen for playing watchdog for a few weeks until we were able to make a return road trip to TN to bring Cinco back to DC with us.

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