First and foremost Casey and Mark would like to thank our parents Steve and Peggy Copen and Mary Grace O’Brien for throwing such a great party. It was truly a special event and was hands down the best wedding either of us have ever been to. We would also like to thank everyone who attended as well as those who couldn’t make it. We know it wasn’t easy to get to Memphis and hopefully this little album will help you feel like you were there.  A special thank you goes out to Best Man Matthew Dubovick for his DJ skills and bright orange suit. Elliot Copen gets a big thank you for being such a fantastic ambassador and all around Mayor of Memphis. Thank you also to all the people and business that helped make our wedding possible; Dan Oppenheimer at the Jack Robinson Gallery, Kim Gardner at Gestures for the flowers, Eling Ballew at Ballew Bridal for the wedding dress, Brian Lee Howell at Bring It Back Productions for bringing Elvis to life, Patti Possel for her wedding coordinating skills (, Master Design Salon for their hair and make up expertise, catering by Me and My Tea Room,  and last but not least Jeff Kaleta and his staff for all their superior photography (

Oh, and a special arigatou gozaimasu to Marc Gurreri and his wife Erica for hosting us on our honeymoon, as well as Ron Kachi Gormley for being so hospitable, knowledgeable and all around helpful on our visit to Japan.




3 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. It was so much fun reliving your special day. Truly, it was one of the best weddings and receptions – mostly because all the people involved and the invited guests were there to have a good time. They knew how to party and did so with gusto. Thank you for including me.

  2. This was the best wedding ever. My wife and photographers involved thought this was the most entertaining group of people to be around. We still have conversations about your wedding. I really love how the album covers came out. I believe are really a unique touch to the whole event and collaborating on the idea was nothing less than a dream. Thank you for letting us be part of this moment in your lives.

  3. came across your site from a picture of your concert ticket save the date! I am getting married in Feb and we would love these save the date concert tickets too! Can you let me know who/where you ordered these from? Thank you!

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