Save The Date!!! If you received the ticket above in the mail then you are on the list to get the invitation for the wedding. We would love for you to be there so we hope you can make it!

The Save The Date card is actually based on a ticket to the concert that brought us together. We met on-line early in 2010 but weather and timing kept us from having a first date. It took a reunion tour of Faith No More in Brooklyn for us to finally be in the same place. Our first date wasn’t until the following week where we met at the National Gallery for a Norman Rockwell exhibit.


Special thanks to Shane Visbal for saving all your old tickets and Don Renfro for the photo on the back.

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  1. Can’t wait. Holly and I will definitely be there. Loved the Lovefest tickets and web site. Can’t wait to meet you, Mark. Love to you and Casey………….Lane

  2. Just got my lovefest tickets! Can’t wait to celebrate the special occasion with you guys, and FINALLY get to meet you, Mark…Love from Sara and Manuel

  3. Barry and I are excited about attending your wedding. Your “save the date” and invitation are so original, so clever and FUN!! We love the Robinson Gallery. We appreciate the invite and will be there for your big day.

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